Welding Plugs (Amphenol Circular Connectors)

These welding plugs and connectors can be used to replace your plug on remote TIG welding foot and hand controls.  They are Amphenol-style (metal) and replace the MS- or 97-series MIL-C-5015 style 14-pin Plug for Miller 043554-194744 and C810-1425 Foot Pedalconnectors typically found on welding machines and other applications.


  • Pictured is the 14-pin plug and clamp for Miller TIG welders (SSC p/n 10041-20 and 10041-C12).
  • These connectors comes fully assembled with terminals that have solder cups, which can save on labor and require no special crimp tool (compared to Amp versions).
  • Click here for an image of the solder contacts and to view the plug with the back end removed.
  • These connectors replace and are interchangeable with Amp®-style CPC Circular Connectors (such as the 14-pin Amp® p/n 213571-2) used on Miller welders.

Plugs for Miller and Lincoln TIG Welding Foot Pedals and Other Applications

Part Number Description Amphenol p/n Price
10041-20 and 10041-C12 14-pin plug and clamp for Miller TIG welding foot pedals (C810-1425 or RFCS-14 / 141162 / 136961) 3106A-20-27P (plug) and 3057-12-6 (clamp) $21.25
10041-16 and 10041-C8 5-pin plug and clamp for older Miller TIG welding foot pedals (C810-0525 or RFCS-5) 3106A-16S-8P (plug) and 3057-8 or 3057-1008 (clamp) $24.50
10041-18 and 10041-C10-6 6-pin plug and clamp for Lincoln TIG welding foot pedals (C820-0625 or K870) 3106A-18-12P (plug) and 3057-10-6 (clamp) $21.00
10041-18-19P and 10041-C10-6 10-pin plug and clamp for older Hobart TIG welders (C870-1025) 3106A-18-19P (plug) and 3057-10-6 (clamp) $26.50
10041-BOX14S 14-socket box receptacle (panel mount).  Fits Miller 14-pin plugs.  This mounts to the welder frame.  Reference: Miller 143976.  Comes pre-assembled (no special crimp tool required).  Has solder cups. 3102A-20-27S $32.20

Note: The part numbers for plugs include both the plug and clamp.

To Order as Amphenol Part Numbers for Volume Pricing (Call to Order)

Part Number (SSC) Description Price (single unit) Volume Discounts
3106A-18-12P (10041-18) Straight plug, 6 pin, solder cups, size 18 (also requires clamp below) $16.00 call for pricing
97-3057-10-6 (10041-C10-6) Cable clamp, size 18, fits up to .50" cable diameter $5.00 call for pricing
3106A-20-27P (10041-20) Straight plug, 14 pin, solder cups, size 20 (also requires clamp below) $16.15 call for pricing
97-3057-12-6 (10041-C12) Cable clamp, size 20 or 22, fits up to .50" cable diameter $5.10 call for pricing

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