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Guide-S-Series Light-Duty Foot Switches (S400 and S100)

The S-Series is an all-purpose foot switch that features a low-profile steel case, heavy-duty cable with strain relief, and high performance at low cost. Available in momentary (press and hold to turn on, release to turn off) and maintained (press once to turn on, press again to turn off) versions. Great for controlling lighting, meat grinders, computers, router control, scroll saws, home and shop equipment, and more. The S-Series is a great all-purpose light duty foot switch for indoor use in dry environments.

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Guide-DS100 DS100 and DS100-DG Dual-Pedal Foot Switches

The DS100 is a dual-pedal foot switch that is mounted on a single platform with a single cable exiting the unit. The DS100 is ideal for any application involving forward / reverse, up / down, left / right and other applications such as scissor lift tables or pipe rollers. Model number DS100-DG adds a tough steel guard with bumper feet.

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Guide-B-Series B-Series Foot Switches

The B-Series Foot Switches offers a small footprint in a long-lasting switch that's perfect for any application requiring a smaller size. The unit features a compact steel housing designed to minimize the footprint, yet still withstand the ruggedness of tough applications. Ideal for applications such as emergency vehicle foot switches (fire truck sirens and air horns, etc.), tattoo equipment, office environments, and more. The B-Series is available in single and double versions, as well as with an optional guard.

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