DF-Series Dual Pedal Foot Switch

The DF-Series dual pedal foot switch models add any two of the F-Series single foot pedal models onto a welded steel base with bumper feet.  If you choose models without cables, then they will have a connector tube to route the wiring from one side to the other, with a single cable exit point.  If you choose two separate models with cables, then they will be independent and not connected by the connector tube.  Great for pipe rollers, scissor lifts, tube and pipe benders, lift tables, twin pedal, up/down, forward/reverse, and left/right foot switch applications.  Please read the foot switch safety warning before purchasing any foot switch.

  • Medium-duty construction — ideal for industrial, shop, and office environments.
  • Die-cast zinc alloy housing with steel platform provides superior durability and long life.
  • Cable cord grip is included (fits up to .60" cable diameter).
  • Includes rubber bumper feet.
  • Enclosure rating: CSA/NEMA Type 1; IEC 60529 IP20 (click here for details).
  • Certified to CSA and UL standards.
  • Size (single unit exterior dimensions): 8.4" L x 4.9" W x 2.1" H; 4.7 pounds

DF-Series Dual Pedal Foot Switch Models

Info Sheet

Model Action* Electrical Rating, Each Side Circuit Cable Price

DF-Series Dual Pedal Foot Switch (front view)

DF-Series Dual Pedal Foot Switch (back view)

Info Sheet (DF-Series)

Exterior Dimensions

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DF200 dual foot switch, momentary 15 A, ½ HP, 125/250 VAC; 0.1 A, 125 VDC SPDT each side with quick-connect tabs (.187 x .020) for terminals or soldering none $89.00
DF200-1302 dual foot switch, momentary 13 A, ½ HP, 125/250 VAC; 0.1 A, 125 VDC comes pre-wired normally open with 16-gauge, 4-conductor cable 8 ft $125.60
DF202 dual foot switch, momentary 15 A, ½ HP, 125/250 VAC; 0.1 A, 125 VDC DPDT each side with quick-connect tabs (.187 x .020) for terminals or soldering none $105.60
DF300 dual foot switch, maintained 20 A, 125 VAC; 10 A, 250 VAC; 1.5 HP, 125/250 VAC SPST with wire leads inside foot switch for connection to cable none $114.50
DF500 dual foot switch, momentary 20 A, 125/250 VAC; 1 HP, 125 VAC; 2 HP, 250 VAC SPDT each side with screw terminals none $103.60
New! Build Your Own Dual-Pedal F-Series You can build your own combination of two F-Series foot switch models onto a single steel platform, with or without a guard. Any single F-Series foot switch model can be used on either the left or right side.  

*Momentary Action: Press and hold to turn on, release to turn off (like a car horn). Maintained Action: Press once to turn on, press again to turn off (like a light switch).

Guard Options


Option Part No. Price Info Sheet
DF-Series Dual Foot Pedal Switch with Guard Adds a durable 12-gauge steel guard with rubber bumper feet. Model number DF200-DG is shown in the picture. Add -DG to the end of the model number to order.  Note: The divider between the foot switches is not included when the dual guard is added.  If you need the divider, please call us as this is a special option that adds $20. -DG Add $35.00 to the above. For models not listed above, add $35 to the cost of any two single F-Series units using the "Build Your Own" link above. Info Sheet

Exterior Dimensions


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