Build Your Own F-Series Dual-Pedal Foot Switch (DF)

$ 40.00

Ordering Instructions

Note: For standard models (DF200, DF300, DF500, DF202, and DF200-1302), order from the main DF-Series page, as the price is lower. This page is intended for special combinations of F-Series outside of the standard models.

Adds a 12-gauge steel housing to protect from debris and enclose the foot switches.



Choose a left and right foot switch to create your own dual-pedal F-Series foot switch.  Any single F-Series foot switch model can be used on either the left or right side.  A guard is optional.


If you select models without cables, such as model number DF200/F202, then this will have a strain relief (fits up to .60″ cable diameter) for one cable exiting the unit and have an interconnect tube to route wiring between the two units.  An F200 will be on the left side, and a F202 will be on the right side.


If you select a model with either one or two cables already on the foot switch, such as DF200-1502/F200-1502 or DF200/F300-1501, then the units will not be connected by the connector tube.  Each will have a separate cable, or no cable (add your own), depending on the model.


  • These models are build-to-order and may require 1-2 days to manufacture before shipment.
  • Units with a guard will not have the center divider (see note below).
  • 25% fee if returned.

Naming convention: DFXXX/FXXX (first unit after the “D” is the left-side unit; second is the right side).  If both models are the same, list only one (example: DF200 has two F200’s).  If the model has a cable, it will also have the cable designation “-XXXX” after the initial “FXXX”.  A guard adds “-DG” to the end of the model number.


Note: The divider between the two foot switches is not included when the guard option is added.  If you need the divider with the guard option, please call to order, as this is a special option that adds $20.


Additional information

Weight 10.2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in