DF500 (Dual-Pedal F-Series Foot Switch, 20 Amp)

$ 103.60

Guard Option

Adds a 12-gauge steel housing to protect from debris and enclose the foot switches.

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The DF500 is a dual foot switch with a connector tube to route the wiring from one side to the other, and a single cable exit point.  The foot switches are mounted on a welded steel base with a center divider and bumper feet.  Great for applications such as pipe rollers, scissor lifts, lift tables, positioners, twin pedal, up/down, and forward/reverse foot switch applications.

  • Action: momentary (press and hold to turn on, release to turn off, like a car horn)
  • # of Switches: 1 per side
  • Electrical Rating, per Switch: 20 A, 125/250 VAC; 1 HP, 125 VAC; 2 HP, 250 VAC; 10 A, 125 VAC “L”; .50 A, 125 VDC; .25 A, 250 VDC
  • Circuit: SPDT each side with screw terminals
  • Cable: none
  • Product Info Sheet
  • Cross Reference: Twin 632-S Clipper

Additional information

Weight 4.7 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in