F300-1501 (F-Series Medium-Duty Foot Switch, Push-On / Push-Off, Cable with Piggyback Plug)

$ 62.75

Adds a 12-gauge steel guard to protect from debris and enclose the foot switch.


The F300-1501 is a push-on / push-off foot switch with die-cast housing, precise pedal action, and attractive finish.  Simply press the pedal once to turn it on, and press it again to turn it off (you can remove your foot and it will stay on until pressed again).  Great for turning on and off home and shop tools, table lamps, general lighting, appliances in hard-to-reach places, and much more.  This foot switch is also perfect for turning on and off Christmas tree lights without having to bend down — and you can use it all year long around the house for lights or shop tools with full 15-amp capacity.  Simply insert the foot switch’s plug into the wall outlet, and plug the device into the back end of the foot switch’s piggyback plug, and you’re ready to go.  Made in USA.
  • Pedal Action: maintained (push on/push off)
  • # of Switches: 1
  • Electrical Rating, per Switch: 15 A, 125 VAC; ¾ HP, 125 VAC
  • Circuit: SPST
  • Cable or Terminals: 8-ft cable with piggyback plug for wall outlet
  • Applications: Home and shop tools, lighting, lamps, Christmas tree lights, appliances, more
  • Cross Reference: Clipper 632-DC3A
  • Info Sheet (F-Series Foot Switches)
  • Exterior Dimensions
  • Wiring Diagram

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 3 in