S100-1501 (S-Series Light-Duty Foot Switch)

$ 24.75

Adds a 12-gauge steel guard to protect from debris and enclose the foot switch.


The S100-1501 is an all-purpose foot switch made of steel with a solid steel shaft for toughness. Ideal for power tools, meat grinders, Dremel tools, woodworking or router control, saws, shavers, sanders, and more. Just press and hold to turn on, lift your foot from the pedal to turn off. This performs an on/off function (not variable speed). To install, simply plug the pedal into a 120V outlet, plug your device into the back end of the plug, and the foot switch will now be in line with the device and able to turn it on and off. This is a momentary (on-off) action, which means that it turns your product on when your foot is on the pedal, and turns it off when you release your foot from the pedal. Features a 15-amp, 125 VAC-rated switch with an 8-foot cable and a 3-pronged piggyback plug (NEMA 5-15 P/R).  Made in USA.
  • Pedal Action: momentary (press and hold to turn on, release your foot to turn off)
  • Switch Rating: 15 A, 125 VAC; 0.1 A, 125 VDC
  • Contacts: SPDT wired N.O.
  • Cord: 8-ft cable with piggyback plug for wall outlet
  • Applications: Home, shop, woodworking or router control, grinder foot switch, dremel tools, vacuum control, more.
  • Cross reference: T-91-SC3A (also with 522-B14 guard); LEM® 724 meat grinder foot switch, Cabelas® IK-540844 grinder foot pedal, FS-001, etc.
  • Enclosure rating: UL/CSA/NEMA Type 1 and IEC 60529 IP20. For indoor use in dry environments.
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  • Wiring Diagram

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 2 in