TIG Foot Control Cross Reference Guide

C810-1425 TIG Foot Control Pedal for Miller 14-Pin (RFCS-14, 043554)
C810-1425 TIG Foot Pedal for Miller RFCS-14 (043554) with 14-Pin Plug

This TIG foot control cross reference guide will help you determine which foot pedal can be used with your welder.  To determine which control will work with your welder, check the number of pins on your welder's remote receptacle (and the shape of the connector) to make sure it matches one of the plugs below.  You can also check to make sure the foot pedal's model number in your owner's manual matches a model number below.

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SSC Model Number Foot Control Description Connector (View of Plug End Face) Compatible With:
C810-1425 TIG Foot Control Pedal for Miller® and Hobart® TIG welders.  Replaces Miller RFCS-14 (p/n 043554), RFCS-14 HD (p/n 301589 or 194744), and Hobart® p/n 043554. 14 pin
Miller 14-Pin (C810-1425)
Works with any Miller TIG welder equipped with a 14-pin remote receptacle for foot controls.  For Miller solid-state power sources AFTER serial number JK674521.

Miller Econotig, AeroWave, ALT 304, Big Blue 302, Big Blue 402, CST 250, CST 280, Dimension 302, Dimension 400, Dimension 452, Dimension 650, Dimension 652, Dimension 1000, Dynasty 200 SD and DX, Dynasty 210, Dynasty 280, Dynasty 300 SD and DX, Dynasty 350, Dynasty 400, Dynasty 700, Dynasty 800, Goldstar 300SS, Goldstar 400SS, Goldstar 500SS, Goldstar 600SS, Goldstar 302, Goldstar 452, Goldstar 652, Goldstar 402, Goldstar 602, Goldstar 852, HF-251-2, HF-251D-1, Maxstar 90, Maxstar 91, Maxstar 151, Maxstar 152, Maxstar 175, Maxstar 200, Maxstar 210, Maxstar 280, Maxstar 350, Maxstar 400, Maxstar 700, Maxstar 800, Maxtron 300, Maxtron 450, Metro 250D, MK VI, Multimatic 220 AC/DC, Multimatic 255, Phoenix 456, PipeWorx 400, ShopMaster 300, Shopmate 300 DX, SyncroWave 180, SyncroWave 200, SyncroWave 210, SyncroWave 250, SyncroWave 350 LX, SyncroWave 351, TIG Runner, Trailblazer 250G, Trailblazer 301G, Trailblazer 251NT, Trailblazer 300D NT, XMT 200, XMT 300, XMT 304, XMT 350, XMT 450, RFCS-14, RFCS-14 HD, 043554, 194744

For the Miller 330 Aircrafter, SyncroWave 300, SyncroWave 500: Double check the number of pins in the welder's remote receptacle for these welders, as they may use either the 14-pin or the 5-pin plug below.

Hobart: TigMate, Cybertig 180, Cybertig 250, Cybertig 350

Powcon: 300 TSE only, which has a metal connection with a blue plastic center.  All other PowCon see the C880-1425 below.

Thermadyne / Thermal Arc 10-2007 and 10-2008 (such as Thermal Arc 400 GTSW and other welders that use the 14-pin plug as shown)

Also works for Sanrex 200AP and Longevity 200SX (for units with the 14-pin receptacle)

C810-0525 TIG Foot Control Pedal for Miller® TIG welders with 5-pin remote control connection.  Replaces Miller® RFCS-5 (p/n 043716), RFCS-5 HD (p/n 195218) and RFCS-23. 5 pin
Miller 5-Pin (C810-0525)
For Miller TIG welders equipped with a 5-pin remote receptacle.  For Miller solid-state power sources BEFORE serial number JK674521.
Miller Syncrowave 300, Syncrowave 500, Aircrafter,  Maxstar 150 (Not 150S, Not 150 STR or STH), HF-250D-1, and HF-250-1, HF-250-2.  Note: most other Synchrowaves use the 14-pin model above.
C810-0625 TIG Foot Control Pedal for Miller welders using 6-pin plug. Replaces Miller® RFCS-6M (301587, 301588, 195183, 195504). 6 pin
Miller 6-Pin (C810-0625)
Miller RFCS-6M (195183 or 195504): For Maxstar 150 STL, Maxstar 150 STH, Maxstar 161 STL, Maxstar 161 STH, STi160, Multimatic 200 (when properly equipped), and Maxstar 140 STR with Lift-Arc TIG option (current control only).

Hobart®: Hobart 150 STi

Does not work with Maxstar 140, which has no receptacle.

C810-0814 TIG Foot Control Pedal Miller welders that use 8-pin RJ45 plug.  Replaces Miller® RFCS-RJ45 (p/n 300432) and Hobart p/n 245589. 8 pin RJ-45 Plug
RJ-45 Plug (SSC Controls C810-0814)
Miller RFCS-RJ45 (300432): For Diversion 165 or Diversion 180.  Hobart (245589): EZ-TIG 165i.

Note: This model is our standard steel full-sized platform with million-cycle rating, including our standard industrial-quality potentiometer, steel case, and full-sized foot platform, not the light-duty components used by Miller® for their Diversion foot control.  See picture comparison: click to view image.

Note: This product does not work with the Hobart Multi Handler 200 or the Miller Multimatic 215.

 C820-0625 TIG Foot Control Pedal for 6-Pin Lincoln Electric® TIG Welders (replaces K870) 6 pinLincoln 6-Pin TIG Welder Pedal Plug (K870) Lincoln Precision Tig 225, 275, 375; Square Wave 175, 175 Pro, 185; Tig 200, 255, 275, 300, 350, 355; Tig 250/250, Tig 300/300 (with Code higher than 8875); Invertec V160T, V160S, V205T, V250T, V275S, V300 Pro, V350 Pro; DC400, DC600, DC655; Aspect 375; 210 MP (for TIG-ready models); and more (if equipped for TIG welding with the 6-pin remote output receptacle on the welder)
C840-0725 TIG Foot Control for Cigweld® 7-pin
Plug End View - C840-0725
Cigweld Transtig 150, Transarc 275, and others. Replaces Cigweld p/n 646321.  See picture of actual plug here: plug image.  This will only work with receptacles that fit the pin layout shown.
C850-0825 TIG Foot Control for Thermal Arc® / ESAB / Victor welders. 8 pin
Thermal Arc 8-Pin (C850-0825)
Thermal Arc / ESAB: For replacement of Thermal Arc foot controls 10-4016, 10-4015, and 600285.

CigWeld: W4015800 for the Weldskill 200 AC/DC.  Firepower: 1442-0025.

This will not replace the ESAB W4014450 or W4013200.  See below for those models.

C850-0815X TIG Foot Control for ESAB® welders (see model list). 8 pin
Thermal Arc 8-Pin (C850-0825)

ESAB Rebel Series (Rebel EMP 205ic AC/DC, EMP 215ic, EMP 235ic, and EMP 285ic TIG welders) and MINIARC ROGUE ES 180I.  Replaces foot pedal p/n W4014450.

 C850-0815XS TIG Foot Control for ESAB® welders (see model list). 8 pin
Thermal Arc 8-Pin (C850-0825)
Thermal Arc 186 or ESAB ET 186i and ET 301 AC/DC welders.  Replaces foot pedal p/n W4013200.  Note: This model is only for the welders listed (has extra switch in the pedal).
C860-1430 TIG Foot Control for ESAB® TIG welders.  Replaces ESAB® model FC-5B (p/n 33646) and FC-5C (p/n 0558004234). 14 pinESAB 14-Pin (C860-1430) ESAB Miniarc 90i and 140i, Heliarc 252, Heliarc 352, Heliarc 582cc, Heliarc 453cc-553cc, Multimaster 260, Heliarc 160i, Miniarc 140i, Digipulse, Aristo 350 mpi, etc.
C860-0625 TIG Foot Control for ESAB®, Airco®, and Linde® TIG welders.  Replaces model FC-4 (p/n 13880043) or FC 004. 6 pin
ESAB 6-Pin (C860-0625)
ESAB / Airco Heliwelder.  For models with the 6-pin rectangular connector.  Note: This is not the same as the 2-plug version of the FC-4 (listed below).  Check the plug configuration of your welder.
C870-0625 TIG Foot Control for Hobart® or L-TEC® welders with 6-pin connector.  Replaces Hobart foot control model 409213A. 6 pin

Lincoln 6-Pin TIG Welder Pedal Plug (K870)

Hobart MegaArc with 6-pin connector.

L-TEC MigMaster with TIG option and 6-pin.

C870-1025 TIG Foot Control for older Hobart® TIG welders.  Replaces Hobart® models 409004A, 362668, and 200460-001. 10 pin
Hobart 10-Pin (C870-1025)
Hobart: CyberTig; CT-200, CT-300, Cyberwave 300-S, Tigwave 250, Tigwave 350, TR250-HF, and other Hobart welders that fit the 10-pin connector shown.  Also works on Panasonic Multi 260 welders if they have the 10-pin receptacle shown.
C870-1225 TIG Foot Control for 12-pin Airco® Heliwelder 251 AC/DC. 12 pin
Airco 12-Pin (C870-1225)
Airco Heliwelder 251 AC/DC.  Has 12-pin Souriau connector (p/n UTG61412PN) with pin terminals and 25,000-ohm potentiometer.  Uses pins D, E, F, G, and H.  See picture of 12-pin plug here.
C870-1925 TIG Foot Control for 19-pin older welders (Hobart or ThermaDyne). 19 pin
19-pin connector for C870-1925
Foot Control for Hobart or ThermaDyne welders using a 19-pin connector.  Replaces models 409004A-2 and THL 200460-007. Only pins A, B, K, J, and H are connected.

Note: This model may be difficult to match and is rare.  Be sure part number and plug are correct.  The receptacle on your machine must exactly match the plug as shown.  See image of plug here (receptacle on machine will have reverse lettering).

C880-1425 TIG Foot Control for 14-pin Powcon® TIG welders. 14 pin
Powcon 14-pin (C880-1425)
Powcon: Replaces remote TIG controls for Powcon power sources using a 14-pin Amp® twist-lock black plastic connector.
C885-1425 TIG Foot Control for 14-pin Lorch welders (replaces Lorch FR-35). n/a Lorch: Replaces Lorch FR-35.  Includes 25-foot cable and 14-pin plug, 100,000-ohm potentiometer, switch.
C890-0625 TIG Foot Control for Linde® UCC-305 welder.  Replaces Linde® FC-4 p/n 679662. 3 pin/3 pin (two plugs)
click for picture
Linde 6-Pin, 2-Plug (C890-0625)
Linde: UCC-305 and similar machines (uses two Hubbell® Twist-Lock plugs).

L-TEC / Linde: Heliarc 250 HF.

Check the plug configuration of your welder.  It must match the picture shown to the left for this foot pedal to work with the welder.

Note: This is not the same as the 6-pin version of the FC-4 (listed above).

C910-0725 TIG Foot Control for AHP and Primeweld 7-pin welders 7-pin For AHP and Primeweld welders using a 7-pin pedal including AHP AlphaTIG 201XD, AHP AlphaTIG 200x, and Primeweld TIG225X ACDC, 
C925-0725 TIG Foot Control for Everlast welders using 22.5K or 25K pedals 7-pin For all Everlast TIG welders that work with a 22.5 or 25K ohm pedal with a 7-pin plug including: PowerArc 160iSTH, PowerArc 161STH, PowerArc 210STL, PowerArc 280STH, Poweri-TIG 201, Poweri-TIG 200T, PowerTIG 185DV, PowerTIG 200DV, PowerTIG 210EXT, PowerTIG 250EX, PowerTIG 255EXT, PowerTIG 315LX, PowerTIG 325EXT, PowerTIG 350EXT, SuperUltra 206Si, PowerUltra 206Pi, PowerPro 164Si, PowerPro 205Si, PowerPro 256Si, PowerPro 256D

Not designed to replace or fit units with amp control knob on pedal, or units that do not limit maximum amps on panel while foot pedal is in use. NOT for MTS use.

C950-0725 TIG Foot Control for Everlast welders using 47K or 50K pedals 7-pin For Everlast TIG welders that work with a 47K or 50K ohm pedal with a 7-pin plug.  NOT for MTS use.
n/a n/a 5-pin POWERCRAFT TIG 201 AC/DC

We are working on obtaining the information for this model.  If you are interested in this pedal, please let us know.

n/a n/a 7-pin Stel welders -- STEL TIG DP221 HPA -- we are working to verify that this is the same as the HTP welders that use the 7-pin plug on the foot pedal, and 7-socket receptacle on the welder.  From Italy.  We have one case where this has worked.


Models That We Cannot Make

Models that use high-power rheostats or have other issues that are not compatible with the SSC design.

Foot Control Description or Manufacturer's Model Connector Used With:
Miller RFC-23A 3 pin/2 pin (two twistlock plugs) Miller®: Dialarc 250 AC/DC, Dialarc HF, Gold Star 330 A/BP and 320 A/BP

SSC does not make a pedal that replaces the RFC-23A, which uses a 15-ohm, 130-watt rheostat.  Our design, like that of most welding pedals made today, uses a 2-watt, high-resolution rotary potentiometer for the weld current control.  We suggest buying the RFC-23A from your local Miller distributor.  Do not confuse it with the RFCS-23, RFC-23AG, or RFC-23GD25A, all of which are different models and use 130W or 300W rheostats of different resistance values (see the Miller website for info about different models).  You can sometimes find these used on eBay, but remember to research with the seller to make sure the pedal works for your welder.  Miller also sells some welder parts you can find through internet searches (such as Miller rheostat part number 175264) if you need repair parts.

Eutectic 4-prong twistlock Eutectic FC-2 uses a 20-ohm wirewound rheostat and a single cable with a 4-prong twistlock plug.  Wattage is unknown.
Pedals for Hobart TG201 and TG301 5-pin Hobart models TG-201 and TG-301 use a 25-watt, 250-ohm rheostat and the MS3106A18-20P Amphenol 5-pin plug.  This is not the same plug that is used on the standard Miller 5-pin amptrol foot pedal (C810-0525).
Note: The wattage is the maximum power that a potentiometer or rheostat can handle (a rheostat is a high-power potentiometer).  In the 1960s and 1970s, welding manufacturers used higher-wattage rheostats ranging from 25 to 300 watts, depending on the model, but they changed to the safer circuitry associated with the 2-watt potentiometer in the 1980s and have used this style since that time.  The SSC Controls foot pedals use a 2-watt potentiometer and cannot fit the high-power rheostats, so we cannot make these models.
Other models that we cannot make:

  • ESAB Migmaster 300i -- Requires foot control part number 33517.  We cannot make this model.
  • ESAB Caddy TIG -- Requires foot pedal T1 CAN.  This has a PC board inside the foot control that is installed in Europe.  We cannot make this model.
  • ESAB FS002 -- Has two plugs and two pots inside the foot control.  We cannot make this model.
  • ESAB ER 1F Foot Control (0445550881) -- We cannot make this model.
  • Airco 150 AC/DC Heliwelder -- Has one 3-pronged plug.  Uses large rheostat.  We cannot make this model.
  • Fronius 4046090 (TR 2200-FM) Foot Pedal -- Has a PC board inside the foot pedal.  We cannot make this model.
  • Any model with a knob on the side of the foot pedal.  We cannot make this type of control.
  • Weldcote TIG Striker 200 -- we cannot make this model (requires a knob on the side of the pedal).
  • We cannot make a foot pedal for Eastwood welders because they have a knob on the side of the foot pedal, which is incompatible with our design.

Miller® and Hobart® are registered trademarks of the Miller Electric Mfg Co.  ESAB® is a registered trademark of the ESAB Group, Inc.  Thermal Arc® is a registered trademark of the Thermadyne Holdings Corporation.  Lincoln Electric® is a registered trademark of The Lincoln Electric Company.


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