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Guide-TIG-Pedals TIG Welding Remote Foot Control Pedals (C-Series)

Our TIG (GTAW) welding remote foot control pedals are the industry standard and are built to last. The design features a tough 16-gauge drawn steel case, wide top traction area, non-slip traction pads, comfortable at-rest and operating foot positions, heavy-duty cable with strain relief, and precision components.

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RFT1 Wireless Remote TIG Welding Foot Control Pedal SSC Wireless TIG Welding Remote Foot Control Pedal (RFT1)

The RFT1 wireless welding pedal incorporates all of the benefits of the industry choice SSC TIG Foot Control, and cuts the cord to make your life easier.  The RFT1 is the first wireless pedal with steel construction and a removable aluminum handle for added mobility.  The plug adapter is sold as an add-on to fit your welder; call if you don’t see your plug listed below.  Because the RFT1 is designed to work for any welder for which we make a standard corded pedal, you can buy multiple plugs if you want to use the wireless pedal with multiple machines, including multiple brands.  And it incorporates SSC’s patented design which improves low-current welding while providing precision arc control.

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TIG Fingertip Hand Control Touch4 TIG Welding Fingertip Torch Control

The Touch4 fingertip control is an all-new approach to TIG welding amperage control.  The Touch4 relies on pressure applied by your finger and works in steps: you apply pressure to turn on the contactor, providing your low-amps setting, and then you increase pressure through 4 additional steps: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the setting on your panel.  Set the amps on your panel to correlate with the thickness and metal type so that 100% is that max amps that you’ll need, and then you simply dither to create the puddle and weld that you want.  The Touch4 is designed to work with almost any welder.  Designed and made in the USA.

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Guide-R-Series Remote Welding Hand Current Control

The SSC remote hand control box provides remote current control and an on/off contactor switch. The design features smooth knob action, high-life industrial potentiometers, an 18-gauge steel case, rubber bumper feet, tough neoprene rubber cable, and Amphenol-style connectors. A typical application is stick welding 50 feet away from your welding machine.

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