C950-0725 TIG Foot Control Pedal for Everlast (47K to 50K Pot)

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C950-0725 TIG welding foot control pedal will upgrade your foot control for Everlast TIG welders with 7-pin plug that use a 47k to 50k (50,000-ohm) potentiometer.  Comes with 25-foot cable.  The foot pedal plugs into the 7-pin receptacle on your welder.  You can find the ohm value of the foot pedal’s potentiometer in your owner’s manual for your welder (or see below).   Features heavy-duty steel housing, tough made-in-USA cable with added flexibility, low profile with wide base for stability and comfort, and industrial-grade potentiometer resolution for better weld control.  Simply press the pedal to activate the gas contactor and increase current; release the pedal to turn off the weld output and activate the afterflow cycle.  Certified to CSA and UL standards.  Designed and manufactured in the USA.


Note: When choosing your pedal, you will need to determine the ohm value needed for the potentiometer.  Everlast uses 22k or 47k ohm pots in their pedals (also known as 25k and 50k).  All pedals for the PowerTIG, PowerPro, and PowerArc welders bought after December 2015 should use a 22k pedal (see SSC model C925-0725).  Previous to that date, there is some variation in ohm value. You can check your owner’s manual to find the ohm value required.  You can also disassemble the welder’s foot pedal to determine the markings on the rear of the potentiometer (if you currently have a pedal).  For the 50k model, use SSC model C950-0725 as listed here.  If you aren’t sure, please contact SSC for assistance.


Also note: Will not work with models having a knob on the foot control.  Will not work on welders that offer lift TIG only.  Will not work with MTS welders, such as Power MTS 251 SI.  Check your welder to make sure the plug shown will be able to plug in.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in
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