Foot Switch Safety and Selection Warning

WarningWARNING! To avoid personal injury, do not use foot switches on machinery lacking effective point-of-operation safeguards.

The use of foot switches on machines that do not have “point of operation” and “pinch point” protection can cause serious injury to the operator. Point of operation and pinch point guarding devices must be properly installed before a foot switch is used.

Foot switches should be utilized so that it is impossible for the operator’s hands and fingers to remain within the point of operation during the machine cycle.

It is the responsibility of the user to select the foot switch which is suitable for his or her application, and to ensure that its use and installation complies with all Federal, State, and Local safety, electrical, mechanical, and health regulations, including OSHA, ANSI, NEMA, or other relevant national standards.

Only the user can be aware of all conditions and factors present during installation, operation, and maintenance of the foot switch and surrounding work area. Therefore, only the user can determine which foot switches and which point-of-operation safeguards can properly be used in a particular application or work station.

Foot switches can be used to control many industrial processes, which often leave the operator's hands free to perform other functions. The type of foot switch suitable for each application will vary, depending on the type of control required, the degree of protection required, production methods, workplace conditions, government regulations, and other factors.

Foot switches should be installed only by a qualified electrician according to all local and national electrical and safety regulations.


  • Point of operation — The point or area of the machine or the equipment where the work piece or material is positioned and work is being performed during any process, such as forming, cutting, punching, shearing, assembling, riveting, welding, etc.
  • Pinch point — Any point at which it is possible for any portion of the body to be caught and injured between moving machine, equipment, or work piece parts.

If you have any questions about this safety warning, please contact The SSC Controls Company. To download, save, and/ or print a copy of this Foot Switch Safety Warning (in English, French, and Spanish), click on the image below:

SSC Controls - Foot Switch Safety Warning Sheet

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