G500-MO (G-Series Heavy-Duty Foot Switch, Single Pedal)

$ 97.20

The user must first lift the gate before operating the foot switch.

Fits .25″ to .38″ OD cable.

Fits .38″ to .50″ OD cable.

Fits .50″ to .62″ OD cable.

Adds an 8″ x 8″ oversized guard instead of the standard guard. Crafted of 3/16″ aluminum, this guard will not corrode or break and fits any large protected or padded boots. Note: The G2 Guard cannot be used with the Front Gate option.

Includes double-break switches instead of the standard SPDT switches. Double-break switches provide improved performance and switch life in some DC circuits. Electrical rating: 15A @ 125/250 VAC, 1A @ 125 VDC, 0.5A @ 250 VDC.

Makes it easy to pick up and move around the unit.

Makes it easy to move around the unit, provides additional height above floor mats, and also allows cable routing out the back or sides.


The G500-MO is a heavy-duty foot switch that makes it easy to turn electrical equipment on and off with the foot, freeing the hands to perform other operations or providing ergonomic improvement to a workstation. Features all aluminum construction, an oversized guard (5.5” high, 6.2″ wide) with enough room to fit large boots, and an oil/water/splash/dust-resistant enclosure (when used with the proper cable clamp). This is a momentary foot switch, which means that it actuates when your foot is on the pedal, and de-actuates when you release your foot from the pedal. Includes a single Honeywell 20-amp 125/250VAC-rated switch with one common, one normally open, and one normally closed contact (SPDT, Form C). Side cover flaps help protect pedal lever and shaft from oil, solvents, and water. 3/4″-14 N.P.T. threaded conduit entry in back. Ideal for factory, shop, metalworking, iron workers, boom lifts, food processing, riveting, bending, and many more applications. Directly replaces Linemaster® Hercules 531-SWH, 531-SWHO, and 531-SWHOX (slight difference in height). UL/CSA/NEMA Enclosure Type 2, 4, & 13. IEC rating IP56. Size: 9.2″ L x 6.2″ W x 5.5″ H. UL Listed and CSA Certified.  Made in USA.

  • Pedal Action: momentary
  • # of Switches: 1
  • # of Stages: 1
  • Rating: 20A, 125/250 VAC; 1 HP, 125 VAC; 2 HP, 250 VAC; .5A, 125 VDC; .25A, 250 VDC
  • Contacts: SPDT w/ screw terminals
  • Info Sheet (G-Series Foot Switches)
  • Dimension Print
  • Cross Reference: Linemaster® 531-SWH, 531-SWHO, 531-SWHOX Hercules (Linemaster® is a registered trademark of the Linemaster Switch Corporation); 9002AW2 (add double break switch); Grainger® 6GPC1; Allied 70184026; McMaster-Carr® 7372K11 or 7372K31

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in